Sustainability Policies 

At Modernity Hotel, we aim to contribute to a sustainable future while providing our guests with an environmentally friendly atmosphere. 

  • Preserving and promoting both tangible and intangible cultural heritage values
  • Choosing to use locally sourced products where possible for procurement choices
  • Preferentially hiring employees from the local area of Eskisehir
  • Choosing products with deposit systems for procurement choices
  • Improving waste management practices to align with zero waste policies
  • Choosing suppliers that meet sustainability criteria for procurement choices



Sustainability Objectives 

At Modernity Hotel, we are constantly improving and transforming our sustainability practices to meet the needs of the modern world while fulfilling our responsibilities to nature and leaving a livable world for future generations. 

  • 100% switch to LED technology in lighting fixtures
  • Reducing maximum water storage capacity from 9 liters to 7 liters in tanks
  • 100% increase in the number of bikes provided for guest use
  • Installing sensor and hydraulic systems in all doors lacking such systems
  • Monthly disposal of at least 120 kg of paper and plastic solid waste
  • 100% increase in the number of local products in our menus.



Protection of Cultural Heritage

Lületaşı Products

We display and promote the lületaşı products, which are part of Eskişehir's cultural heritage values, by exhibiting them in our hotel. Products such as pipes, necklaces, rings, and prayer beads are sold in our hotel.

Balaban Köfte

We include Balaban Köfte, one of the most important elements of Eskişehir's cuisine culture, in our menu to both contribute to the production tradition and provide access to this local flavor for our guests from outside the city or abroad.



Local Procurement

We try to source the raw materials used in our productions as much as possible from local sources.

The objectives we aim for here are:

  • Freshness; this results in lower waste generation due to less spoilage
  • Quick Access; this leads to faster work with less stock burden
  • Procurement from Close Distance; this results in less fuel consumption and less energy consumption for resource savings
  • Sharing; this leads to local accumulation and development of value and economic value generated


Products Obtained from Eskişehir and its Districts

  • Water
  • Dairy products
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Lületaşı products


Products Obtained from Neighboring Provinces of Eskişehir

  • Soda
  • White meat
  • Red meat
  • Eggs




Accessible Access Privileges Offered to Our Guests with Disabilities
  • Accessible Access to Facility Entrance and Basic Service Areas
  • Accessible Access to Hygiene Areas
  • Accessible Access with Elevators
  • Accessible Room