Restaurant & Bar

The summit of tastes, the meeting point of pleasure and fun

In the Winter Garden, our cafe-restaurant serving as part of the Modernity Hotel, you will find elegant and refined tastes as well as a unique cuisine that turns your "fast-food" getaways into insatiable feasts. This unique experience that appeals to the eye and the palate is waiting for you to turn your meals into the most enjoyable moments of the day.

Modern Hotel,

It will not only give you the pleasure of staying in a "new, different and young" hotel, but also the privilege of getting to know Eskişehir closely, which stretches to our past with its cultural values ​​and to the future with its contemporary and modern urban texture. Solon's Tomb, Midas Monument, Küllüoba Tumulus, Asar Castle, Doğanlı Castle, which you can easily reach during your stay at the Modernity Hotel; Yunus Emre, Cumhuriyet, Aviation and Meerschaum museums; Reflecting the most outstanding examples of Ottoman architecture, Odunpazarı and Zaimağa Mansion are just some of the places you must see. Don't forget to try our world-famous Porsuk Stream and our "healing source" spas that will add health to your health.

Special Flavors For Refined Pleasure…

It is a unique opportunity for those who want to try the extraordinary and discover their own special tastes. A delightful way for those who are not content with what they can encounter anytime, anywhere. Those who come to Modernity Hotel will find the taste they are looking for. Maybe they will encounter flavors they never expected.

At Modernity Hotel, we have a delicious recipe for those who are not satisfied with the routine! The most refined flavors of the city turn the dining experience into a unique event in the Winter Garden.